Community Outreach in Kamonkoli

A team of students and staff of Livingstone International University on Saturday 4th March 2023 carried out community outreach in Kamonkoli town council and Overcomers Special Needs Junior Education School.
The cleaning outreach was organized in by the Chaplaincy office and the University Marketing department in conjunction with the leadership of the Kamonkoli town council to establish and strengthen the institution’s relationship with the neighboring communities. With the visit to Overcomers Special Needs Junior Education School, the team participated in washing clothes, toilets, and dormitory of children with hydrocephalus, spina bifida, and other disabilities. Other activities at the school included playing games and sports with the children, prayers, cooking and other fun-filled activities.
During this outreach, the university donated food materials, toilet tissues, washing detergents, and other basic needs to the disabled children at Overcomers Special Needs Junior Education School.
The chaplain of Livingstone International University Pr. Abraham Nicholas Wambedde emphasized the need to uphold the institution’s values and make Christ shine through their work. He further encouraged the students and staff to continue with the attitude of supporting others and upholding interdependency not only at the University but also in the communities where God will place them as leaders.

“When you go out and get jobs for yourself, know that there is someone else who needs you. In the future, it is okay if you say you want to go and visit overcomers and bless a child. God cannot come down and walk here but he uses us and therefore be grateful for who you are.”
Livingstone International University is one of the universities in Uganda that embraces community outreach not only as obliged by the National Council of Higher education but also as a ministry of the love of Christ to the surrounding areas.

“We have appreciated the university work and the existence of the university to be near. It has a good impact especially by rewarding and giving back to the community. The community must appreciate the university’s work because no one can do such dirty work apart from the government. So here, the university has saved the government and the town council from a huge expenditure.”
The Vice-chancellor Dr Henrie Buregea and the staff members at Livingstone international University also embraced this activity and actively participated in this noble cause exercising servant leadership by directing and acting as an example to the students that committed to participating in the community outreach.
Please refer to the Pictures attached here.
Story compiled by Boniface Amaku, BScMT, Year 4.
Pictures by Ivan Manaba, BScMT, Year 3.

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