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"We are working to produce students that are Ethical, to make the right decisions, Employable, to provide for their families, and Empowered to make a difference in Africa"

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School of Education

Welcome to the School of Education

Current Status

The complexity of today’s world demands that students be conversant in areas beyond their own field of specialty, and a liberal arts foundation provides the tools necessary for growth and adaptation in an ever-changing global society.

Professional Limelight

We believe that a liberal arts component enhances any program of study. We see the liberal arts courses as providing the underlying tools and context that enable students to more capably exercise their specialized skills in their major field of study.

Our Focus

These BA Ed. and D.Eds. programs provide education based on integrity and Christian values that will produce ethical, empowered, and employable individuals who are able to work and adapt in the ever-changing world of technology.

Career Opportunities

Our programs expose students to a variety of core subjects and also allows them to gain knowledge in various other disciplines within and related to their academic area. The programs offer a range of academically balanced courses to effectively create well-rounded educators. The courses of study are dynamic in order to keep pace with the rapidly evolving environment of education, management, and service in both the public and the private sectors.

Message from the Dean

I am glad to welcome you to our Bachelor of Arts in Education (BA Ed.) and Diploma in Education Secondary (D.Eds.) education programs. These programs integrate the latest technologies to provide a very exciting new approach to training today’s most needed educators. The School of Education at LivingStone International University teaches liberal arts that include Bible-related courses intended to develop the moral and ethical character of the teacher.

The program scope includes foundations of education as well as professional courses that are designed to enhance the effectiveness of the teacher and to prepare him or her for the emerging contemporary challenges of the education sector. Professors will also teach many specialized subjects from their various fields of expertise.

Curriculum structure

The Curriculum incorporates training and practical experience in the form of case studies, projects, presentations, guided internships, industrial visits, and mentorship by faculty and experts from the field.

We expect that by the end of these programs the trained teachers will competently; Teach selected arts subjects in schools and tertiary institutions of learning, Demonstrate ethical and proper code of conduct as well as portray Christian values in the teaching profession, Design and implement education curricula for specific subjects at different levels of education, Design and use different instructional and learning materials in their teaching, Competently perform in administrative and leadership roles in various educational institutions,Contribute to the social-economic and moral development of the nation through the application of knowledge, attitudes, and skills acquired.

Curriculum Duration: 3 Years