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Livingstone International University to Graduate its 1st Class of 27

The District Chairman Mbale, Bernard Elly Mujjasi, has urged the community in Mbale and the neighboring districts to embrace and support Livingstone International University – LIU. Mujjasi made the remarks recently during an open discussion with the writer, about the few occasions he had got involved in the issues surrounding, the New Testament Church of Christ, the founding organization of LIU. According to Mujjasi he first got involved when other religious Sects in the District accused the Church of being a cult congregation. He said, “this forced me to worship there twice and it is when I discovered that Church is founded on the principles of true Christianity and based its teachings on the Holy Bible”.

On the second incident Mujjasi said, “I also got involved when some unscrupulous people that wanted to grab the church land”. He added, “this is when I met with the LC 1 Chairman of the area, Ali Matanda, who I urged not let anybody bulldoze the Church because of the great things he foresaw resulting from the founding of the church”. He made all these revelations when the writer had delivered to him an invite from the University to attend its first graduation ceremony on 17th July, 2015. While receiving the invite Mujjasi said, “I’ll proudly attend the first graduation of Livingstone because the two events”. Mujjasi went ahead to castigate those who are with the tendency of judging others without clear facts to stop.

In a recent statement by the Chancellor, Shawn Tyler, titled the vision of Livingstone International University, he wrote, “We began LIU with a deep sense of belief that God was directing and blessing our efforts. We still believe that. We do not see a university as just another institution of higher education. We see it as an extremely important and strategic tool for training Christians to become the most influential part of society”. He added, “We want to see future Presidents, cabinet ministers, government leaders, media personalities, authors, businessmen, and artists who boldly profess their faith in Christ before the masses. And we want them to come from our university”.

To the first Graduating Class of 27 Tyler said, “Students can be a big part of making LIU great. They can help us with enrolling other students, and they can graduate and go out and make a difference in the workplace. Your performance will reflect not only on you but also on LIU. Make us LIU proud. And in the process build an Alumni that will promote and support LIU to Uganda and beyond”.

Apollo Mukhwana

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