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Library General Rules and Regulations

  • Maximum silence is to be observed in the library at all times.
  • Use of communication devices (such as cell phone, laptops, etc.) in a way that disrupts the concentration of the rest of the users is prohibited in the library.
  • Unauthorized dressing as defined by the university is not allowed in the library.
  • Smoking and or consumption of food and drinks in the library are forbidden.
  • Behaviors which adversely impact on other individuals’ use or access to library facilitates and resources (such as reservation of seats, etc.) are not allowed.
  • Books used within the library should be left on the reading tables (A user should not reshelve the books used).
  • Library users are expected to return the items borrowed on time.
  • All library users must always present their belongings (such as books, papers, folders/box files, etc.) to the staff on duty when leaving the library. These will be thoroughly checked to clear any doubts.
  • Damaging library items, facilities, equipment, furniture, identification marks relating to location of items/books calls for a penalty.
  • Any acts of theft or attempted theft of library items, equipment, furniture, etc., are not tolerated in the library.
  • The Library reserves the right to reject circulation, cancel reservations, loans requests and to limit or withdraw a member’s privileges without prior notice for any reason deemed appropriate by the Library.
  • Library patron user accounts are not transferable. You should always use your account when borrowing library resources. One is not permitted to use another patron’s account to borrow library resources.
  • Patrons may replace lost library material by either paying a fee equivalent to the price of the lost item or simply buying the lost book. Clarification on this should be sought from the University Librarian.
  • Library Staff on duty shall not be held responsible for the loss of any personal belongings of users in the Library.


The Library staff have the right to:

  1. Ask a User to leave the Library if he or she causes any kind of disturbance.
  2. Remove any book, file, bag, food or any other personal belongings of the users, which are left unattended.
  3. Ask a non-Member to leave the Library.
  4. No animals in the Library premises.
  5. Perform any other acceptable and realistic action as deemed necessary by the staff.