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A library with a relevant and adequate collection is not built in a single month or year. It’s a gradual process that takes time and with carefully thought of collection development policy. With this in mind, we at LivingStone International University Library celebrate our strengths and pride while recognizing what remains to be done to realize our vision.

Already, we are fortunate to have a solid foundation of print textbooks and electronic open access databases to fill the information needs of our users including faculty staff and other scholars. The open access electronic databases are information rich databases that have hundreds of scholarly textbooks and academic journal articles.

The Library is a learning center on campus, an environment where students can read from, use computers or textbooks, study and innovate. It is a place for our students to enrich their academic life and be inspired to set and reach higher goals as we strive to produce ethical, empowered, and employable Christian leaders.

The success of the Library will be dependent on our continuity to align library goals with the goals of LivingStone International University as a whole. To this end, it’s essential for the library department to continue providing partnering leadership in the planning and development of programmes that are central in strengthening and enhancing the academic endeavors of the University.

We, at LivingStone International University Library strive to serve our users even better.

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