LivingStone International University seeks to maintain the highest possible standards in academics. Current offerings include a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Christian Ministry, a Bachelor of Science in Communication and Media Technology, and a Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology. In addition, a School of Liberal Arts oversees a core curriculum that serves as a foundation for all other degrees. Academic and admissions policies are as follows.

Academic Guidelines

Course Numbering
Every course at LIU is assigned a number code that indicates both the level and the content of the course. This numbering system is explained in detail in a separate document.

Class Attendance and Homework
The University maintains a mandatory attendance policy for all classes. The final grade will be reduced for each unexcused absence beyond three (3). Excessive absences will result in failure of the class.
The contact hours spent in class are not the sum total of the workload for a given course. We assume that for every 1 hour of class-time, a student should spend 2 hours in study and preparation for that class. A 3-credit-hour class would assume that a student spends 6 hours outside the classroom each week.

Assessment and Grading
Assessment will be ongoing throughout the programme. Students must demonstrate critical thinking abilities through participation in class discussion. Periodic quizzes and exams will test knowledge retention. In addition, projects and papers will be assigned to determine research abilities and practical application of knowledge. The timing and weighting of these assessments will be as prescribed in the university examination regulations.

The grading scale will follow NCHE Statutory Instrument No. 35:

Score Grade Grad Points
80-100 A 5
75-79 B+ 4.5
70-74 B 4
65-69 B- 3.5
60-64 C+ 3
55-59 C 2.5
50-54 C- 2
0-49 F 0
Gradings Class Remarks
4.4 – 5.0 First Class Excellent
3.6 – 4.39 Second Class Upper Very Good
2.8 – 3.59 Second Class Lower Good
2.0 – 2.79 Satisfactory Pass Pass

Students will receive course credit for any passing grade. However, in some cases, a higher grade may be required for acceptance into upper level classes.


  1. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  2. Bachelor of Science in Communications and Media Technology
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. Bachelor of Christian Ministry
  5. Bachelor of Education and Information Technology
  6. Diploma in Information Technology
  7. Diploma in Communications and Media Technology
  8. Diploma in Business Administration
  9. Diploma in Christian Ministry
  10. Diploma in Education and Information Technology