University Life

Take a campus tour that is designed for prospective students and professionals seeking continuing education. It will give you the opportunity to experience the LivingStone International University family environment, the students, the facilities and life at LIU. Meet our student admissions representatives to learn more about our schools and programs and decide what is the best for you.


All faculty and students participate in a mentoring program that encompasses spiritual, social, and academic dimensions of human development.

Games & Sports

Academic learning and sports education are complementary pursuits. If education is integrated with sports, the student’s character can be increased. Through sports, students train in leadership, sharing, team spirit, and tolerance.

Cultural Gala

With students from more than ten different countries, Livingstone International University (LIU) has a reason to celebrate cultural diversity! Students have a chance to represent where they come from during LIU’s Cultural Gala.

Debating Club

Academic debates, both internal and external, for the advancement of our students’ speaking skills, improve critical thinking and confidence.

The LIU Melodies

The LIU Melodies is a Students University Choir, It is one of the spiritual activities at LivingStone International University that is focused on giving young people the opportunity to express themselves through worship and praise and to expose their talent to the rest of the world.

Community Engagement

Community Outreaches

Chapel Sessions

Study Tour

The Campus Experience

Culture and humanity are integrated. You cannot separate human beings from their culture. As much as we experience the growth of globalization and the cultural changes it brings, there is still much we can identify with from our own cultures. We want to embrace the good in our cultures and not lose the valuable contributions from the various cultures in our diverse world.

We aim to be a force for community transformation and development on this continent, targeting every area of human society.