LivingStone International University Partners with The Leadership Academy of South Sudan

The Leadership Academy of South Sudan was established in 2014 at Nimule, South Sudan. It is under the Umbrella of East African Ministries and aims at developing and empowering future leaders to serve communities in East Africa. The school is an innovative university preparatory academy that will equip South Sudanese students through an academic, professional, spiritual and character development curriculum. In essence it aims at, not only imparting knowledge, but also spiritual nourishment.

It is beThe-Leadership-Academy-of-South-Sudancause of these strong Christian values and beliefs that LASS is partnering with Livingstone University this year and sending 21 of its students this August to further their education at LivingStone University. The University is founded on Christian values and endeavors to build the nations of Africa by providing practical, excellent education that is relevant to African students while at the same time instilling Christian values.

South Sudan is a young nation that is still struggling with low literacy levels which stand at only 27%. Therefore LASS sending 21 students to Livingstone to study various courses is not only going to have a huge impact to their individual lives but to their communities and the country at large.

The country is currently on the brink of civil war and during such instabilities it is usually young people who are misused. The three years that these young men and women will spend at LIU will eliminate the risk of probably being used during such conflicts and also provide them with education and broaden their scope of thinking as far as the happenings in their country go.

In addition they will be able to support their families and have better lives than they would have had if they had not accessed education. Therefore by enabling these students to access education LASS is moulding and preparing them for leadership positions that will gear their country towards the right direction.



Written by: Diana Musenya | Scholarship Coordinator, LivingStone International University


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