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A Fight Against Tribalism | Odoket Emma

In the past and present there are and have been many problems relating to tribalism, and this problem is affecting the church in many parts of the world to the point of causing divisions. Satan is using tribalism as a tool to destroy the church.

These tribal teachings are in contradiction to the word of God, and those who actively oppose them are persecuted sometimes to the point of death. Tribalism is something that Christians need to pray against as it is literally tearing the church apart.

We all know that in most parts of Africa people know their own cultures and even get to know more about other cultures, including the cultural background and history, religious beliefs, cultural activities like the worship of a statue or trees, and many others. Most people get to know the entire story about their culture and what they believe in.  And friends and relatives look at those who have taken some of the beliefs to heart as intelligent and interesting people. This is where what is actually harmful seems to make some sense to many, and many think it’s interesting.

Think again, because you’re walking a dangerous path when you bring cultural beliefs into your life. There is more demonic influence in culture than any other thing you have ever imagined. Therefore, let each of us love one another as you love your own life. Jesus Christ is the best example for all of us. He came with compassion and love for all mankind, and he never segregated but instead loved us all as a whole. Brothers, sisters, and nations, let us rise up against tribalism and urge for peace and unity among all, because when we divide we shall fall, but when we unite we shall stand forever.

By Odoket Emma

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