The LIU Guild Elections 2016

The Guild Elections are held each year to elect student representatives for the following year, including: the guild president, faculty representatives, and guild members. It is a great platform for students to engage in university activities and policy making. It gives students a chance to have an influence in University undertakings, to share ideas, and to improve their communication and leadership skills.

Our major aim for promoting student representatives at LIU is to ensure that all student concerns, proposals, and ideas are heard and responded to.

The LIU guild elections of 2016 were held on Friday 15th April. Voting started at 2:40 pm in the chapel and ended at 5:00 pm. All enrolled students at LIU are eligible to run for most positions, with only some positions having further requirements. All full-time students are entitled to vote in elections.

Who Contested?

  1. Eric Kubwimana
  2. Jackton Brian Wafula
  3. Ojera David

The Winner

Ojera David (Honesty in Service)

His key points

  1. To support volunteer activities at the university.
  2. To support international students at the university.
  3. To ensure free distribution of opportunities to the students.
  4. To ensure honesty within the school community.
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