LIU Melodies Concert: Worship Experience 2017

On Saturday 25 March 2017, we had the Melodies Worship Experience 2017 hosting different choirs and students from Universities around Mbale to minister through praise and worship. The theme was: Lay your crown before the throne in worship. Revelation 4:10

The LIU Melodies Concert happens every second semester of every academic year with the major aim of inspiring Christians to minister through music.

“We have done two concerts so far, but this time we wanted to try something new: A Worship Experience. We wanted to involve the congregation and let everyone worship and praise. It worked, although at the end of the event people looked tired because it was a fulltime of worship, singing and dancing. We hope that for the next event it will be the original idea of a concert. We have experienced some financial constrains this year but we are still confident that we will be able to organise a stronger event next year.” Rehema Nakyagaba – Chairperson LIU Melodies

The Melodies is a good time for LIU students, staff and the community to come together and worship. It helps us to understand how to praise the true God, go an extra mile in worship and grow in faith. It is also a way our students can put their spiritual gifts into practice and serve the lord. – Fred Watsekoni, Executive Assistant, Office of The Vice Chancellor

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Freshers: Common Challenges You Might Face as You Join University

It’s a new semester and probably a new level, especially for those who are transitioning from high school to university. It may look like a very long journey, but even a thousand-mile journey starts with one single step. There will be challenges, mistakes, and the feeling of being lost, especially in the first week of coming back or joining in, but relax, We’re here to help you. Today we are sharing common challenges that you might experience in your first week at university.

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Missing Lectures: Hopefully, you are already excited about being in control of and in command of yourself, and you need to be focused on attending all of your lectures; after all, this is the primary reason for paying your tuition! Every lecture matters, both at the start and at the end, so don’t relax and think that the semester’s first lectures are minor, or you might be shocked when sitting for your first test.

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Sleeping Too Much: This could be the reason you might miss lectures. As I have said, you should always understand that studying is the primary reason for you and your parents who are paying your fees, so you should set your priorities well. Use your smart phone to set alarms and reminders and to keep track of your upcoming engagements with other people.

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Hiding in Your Room: This is so common for non-resident students who are not staying in university hostels. You shouldn’t be spending much time at home or on video games. As time goes on you will realize that you need to be spending most of your time at school or with fellow students around the university. The truth is that you need to make friends and to start sharing and working together through the entire course duration.

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Thinking that You Need Only a Few Friends: The truth is that everyone matters in one way or another and that having a bigger network will make your life easier during your time at university. While it is wonderful having close friends, it is critical to keep a great relationship with other students who you will continue working with at the campus. There are unlimited benefits to create a hub of friends around you, this might help you to achieve your first leadership role. At last it might even lead you to your first employment position or part-time job.

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Forgetting to Communicate Back Home: Joining university doesn’t mean you are no longer part of the family back at home. You will miss them as time rolls on, and you will still need their help. Utilize social media platforms like Messenger and WhatsApp, and don’t forget to call Mom and Dad to let them know how much you miss them. This will show how much you treasure them, and they will always work hard to support you through university.

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Ignoring the Use of Gadgets and Techs: Learning has really changed today. You have plenty of content at your fingertips and can use your kindle or your phones to collect your notes, to do research, and to learn new tools. Don’t forget to visit the university computer lab–which is not exclusively for IT students–to learn vital programs like Microsoft Office and to learn how to use USB drives and cloud storage platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox. This will help keep your crucial data safe.

Lastly, as you join university it is a great time to learn more about yourself and to transition to being a better version of yourself. Listen to feedback from your fellow students and lecturers. And, more importantly, take care of your health and well being, make sure you always have your toothpaste, wash clothes regularly, keep your hair clean and always stay clean.

Good Luck!

Daaki Joshua

Odoket Emma

A Fight Against Tribalism | Odoket Emma

In the past and present there are and have been many problems relating to tribalism, and this problem is affecting the church in many parts of the world to the point of causing divisions. Satan is using tribalism as a tool to destroy the church.

These tribal teachings are in contradiction to the word of God, and those who actively oppose them are persecuted sometimes to the point of death. Tribalism is something that Christians need to pray against as it is literally tearing the church apart.

We all know that in most parts of Africa people know their own cultures and even get to know more about other cultures, including the cultural background and history, religious beliefs, cultural activities like the worship of a statue or trees, and many others. Most people get to know the entire story about their culture and what they believe in.  And friends and relatives look at those who have taken some of the beliefs to heart as intelligent and interesting people. This is where what is actually harmful seems to make some sense to many, and many think it’s interesting.

Think again, because you’re walking a dangerous path when you bring cultural beliefs into your life. There is more demonic influence in culture than any other thing you have ever imagined. Therefore, let each of us love one another as you love your own life. Jesus Christ is the best example for all of us. He came with compassion and love for all mankind, and he never segregated but instead loved us all as a whole. Brothers, sisters, and nations, let us rise up against tribalism and urge for peace and unity among all, because when we divide we shall fall, but when we unite we shall stand forever.

By Odoket Emma

LivingStone International University Partners with The Leadership Academy of South Sudan

The Leadership Academy of South Sudan was established in 2014 at Nimule, South Sudan. It is under the Umbrella of East African Ministries and aims at developing and empowering future leaders to serve communities in East Africa. The school is an innovative university preparatory academy that will equip South Sudanese students through an academic, professional, spiritual and character development curriculum. In essence it aims at, not only imparting knowledge, but also spiritual nourishment.

It is beThe-Leadership-Academy-of-South-Sudancause of these strong Christian values and beliefs that LASS is partnering with Livingstone University this year and sending 21 of its students this August to further their education at LivingStone University. The University is founded on Christian values and endeavors to build the nations of Africa by providing practical, excellent education that is relevant to African students while at the same time instilling Christian values.

South Sudan is a young nation that is still struggling with low literacy levels which stand at only 27%. Therefore LASS sending 21 students to Livingstone to study various courses is not only going to have a huge impact to their individual lives but to their communities and the country at large.

The country is currently on the brink of civil war and during such instabilities it is usually young people who are misused. The three years that these young men and women will spend at LIU will eliminate the risk of probably being used during such conflicts and also provide them with education and broaden their scope of thinking as far as the happenings in their country go.

In addition they will be able to support their families and have better lives than they would have had if they had not accessed education. Therefore by enabling these students to access education LASS is moulding and preparing them for leadership positions that will gear their country towards the right direction.



Written by: Diana Musenya | Scholarship Coordinator, LivingStone International University


AGRIKOOL-YOUTH EVENT | Here is What You Missed

Event: AGRIKOOL-Youth

Venue: Mbale Secondary School

Date: June 29th, 2016

Theme: Empowering Youth through Agribusiness

AGRIKOOL-YOUTH is convened by Feed the Future, Uganda Youth Leadership for Agriculture Activity, together with Mable District Local Government, with funding from the American people through Feed the Future.

Need for a Christian University in Northeastern Uganda

By: Prof. Richard E. Trull, Jr., Phd, LIU Vice Chancellor

The vision for starting a Christian university in East Africa goes back to the 1990s as missionaries began to discuss the need for more formal leadership training. A number of us were discussing the need for such an institution in East Africa that could offer a higher education to the average East African family.  It would not be until 2006 in Mbale, Uganda, that missionaries there would begin the arduous task of laying the ground work with the Ugandan education authorities for establishing what would become known as LivingStone International University (LIU).

The current population of East Africa is over 370 million, based on the latest United Nations’ estimates. East Africa has a larger population than the United States’ population of 325 million. Uganda has a population of 36 million of which 70% are under the age of 24. Even more stunning is that 48.3% of Uganda’s population is 0 – 14 years old. From this young population, only 1.6 students out of every 1,000 people in Uganda are able to enter university studies, and only 4.4 students out of 1,000 people in Uganda are able to enroll in any kind of post-secondary studies, public or private.  This is compared to about 100 for every 1,000 for most African countries. Kasozi, in a report entitled

Access and Equity to Higher Education in Uganda: Whose children attend university and are paid for by the State?”  writes concerning the 4,000 state-sponsored students: “…studies in the 1990s showed that some 60 – 80% of Ugandan students who enter public universities for whom tuition and accommodation is paid by the state, come from wealthy families.

When it comes to higher education in Uganda, most students come from the Central Region (34.4%) followed by the Western Region (30.5%).  The Eastern Region (18%) and the larger Northern Region (17%) make up only one third of all university students. This means students around Mbale have a reduced chance of entering university. The few students who do get to attend university are herded into large public institutions where class sizes are very large and resources spread thin. There is a great need for a high quality Christian university in the Northeastern Region of Uganda. Such a university provides much needed educational resources. Uganda is highly religious as the following statistics indicate — Roman Catholic 41.9%, Protestant 42%, Muslim 12.1%, other 3.1%, none 0.9%. This points to the need for a Christian institution of higher education to provide opportunities for the growing population of youth to gain a university education.

LIU exists to transform Africa through quality, Christ-centered higher education through providing ethical, empowered, employable Christians in every sector of African society and even beyond. Our intention is to be a recognizably Christian institution known for integrity, perseverance, faithfulness, service, and love for all people. We aim for superior international standards for scholarship and achievement to facilitate greater employment opportunities at the highest levels. We direct our students toward God’s mission in the world, a mission of creating, healing, building, loving, teaching, serving, and saving for community transformation.

We ask for your prayers and support to fulfill this vision for God’s glory. Please feel free to contact us if you have potential students for LIU or if you would like to partner with us in providing a high-quality Christian education in East Africa.

LIU 2nd Graduation Ceremony 2016

The LivingStone International University second Graduation ceremony took place on 11 June 2016, the event was held in Mbale at the University main ground in the University Chapel. The event marked the conclusion of studies for 21 students at LivingStone International University. LIU Graduation event includes the commissioning service Academic Procession and the awarding of honorary degrees.

The LIU 2nd Graduation started at 8:00 A.M with the grand message from the Chancellor Shawn Paul Tyler followed by the Vice Chancellor; In His Service, Prof. Richard E. Trull, Jr. Ph.D.


“There was so much attention and excitement concerning LIU’s first graduation that some may think the second graduation could be overlooked. Not so! The development and growth of LIU and the students who graduate must remember our race is not a short sprint but a long distance relay race. This means each year the graduating seniors must pass the baton to the next class as they go out and begin careers. The reputation and success of LIU will be measured by the quality of each year’s graduating student body, not just the first.

We all know how important it is for each runner in a relay race to do his or her part in order to reach the finish line. It is time for our second graduating class to successfully step up, hand off to the next class, and then go out and be representatives of LIU as model citizens, family members, empowered employees of integrity, and as faithful witnesses for Christ. I am proud of LIU’s growth and accomplishments in the past year. Our first graduation was followed by a record enrollment of more than 70 new students.

We successfully obtained our first appointed Vice Chancellor in January of this year, and we have made significant strides toward our permanent campus. Our goal will be to build upon last year’s success and to strive for a new record in enrollment, improved facilities and equipment, higher quality courses, and a growing percentage of employment among our graduates.” Chancellor Shawn Paul Tyler

This was followed by the Vice Chancellor’s Speech; “I was blessed to see LIU’s first graduating class last year, and now it is a privilege to be involved with this year’s graduating class. We commend them to you as men and women who took to heart the vision and mission of LIU which exists to transform Africa through quality Christ-centered higher education through providing ethical, empowered, employable Christians in every sector of African society and even beyond. I call upon this second graduating class to go out into your professions knowing that you have received a quality education that will help you to be successful. More importantly, LIU sends you out asking God’s blessings on you as you exemplify servant-leadership.”

Prof. Richard E. Trull, Jr. Ph.D.

“We send you out in the peace of God and pray for you to represent Christ as His disciples who are sent out into the world. Go well, live well, serve greatly, and glorify God in your life!” In His Service, Prof. Richard E. Trull, Jr. Ph.D.

The event continued with the commissioning service, led by Pr. John Michaels Ekudu-Adoku, Sermon by Pr. Erick Tuninga, Cutting the Cake and finally the Academic Procession where Graduands received Degrees from their respective Faculty Deans.

The Guest of Honor Was Prof. Opuda-Asibo John, Executive Director of National Council for Higher Education. He encouraged graduates to effectively utilize their awards and skills to lead transformation of their communities.

Prof. Opuda-Asibo added.

“Go and be agents of transformation in society and ambassadors of LIU. The best way to inspire change is to lead by example. People will believe you more if they see you practice the good deeds that you preach based on your knowledge, skills and attitude.“ Prof. Opuda-Asibo added.

The chief guest was Hon. Namuyangu Kacha Jenifer Woman MP, Kibuku District, she advised graduates try to adjust emotionally, keep out of trouble and if faced with challenges, to remember that God love to them is unconditional, and will always help through ups and downs.

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Rotary Club of Mbale Annual Installation & Awards Dinner

The Rotary Club of Mbale had the Annual Installation & Awards Dinner on 18 May 2016, the event was held at Mount Elgon Hotel.  There were many Rotarians and guests from different parts of Uganda who attended and our team from LivingStone International University.

Before the superb buffet dinner, the program began with the President Rotarian Gidudu Emmanuel who thanked all Visiting Presidents, Rotarians, Rotaractors, and all friends of Rotary who attended. He continued to thank the members of the club who accepted to work together with him as the president and for being gifts to the world.

In life, sometimes the experiences that matter the most are the briefest. They pass in the blink of an eye: a few days, a few hours, and a few moments. They are the experiences that illuminate the landscape of our memory, shining brightly even years later. They are the moments in which we see, suddenly, something we had not seen; we understand something we had not understood; we forge a connection we had not expected, to me Rotary offered me that experience.

The rest of the event continued with the Guest of Honor, District Governor Elect Rtn. Ken Mugisha who led the Recognitions of Club Members and the awards hand out. This was followed by the Dinner and the later the Key Note Speaker Mr. Amos Wekesa.

The Rotary Club of Mbale is one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in Uganda;it was chartered on 28 May 1964.

Meet Umoja International French School


We believe in getting to know more about students before they join us for university studies.We want to know more about them and to better understand what they are looking for. For this reason, we are reaching out to students in colleges and high schools. In addition to learning more about them and their experiences, we wish to share how we can prepare their way to university and to shed more light on what they can expect when they get through high school.

On 31 May 2016, we visited Umoja International French School in Mukono. It was a great day out, meeting brilliant young high school students as well as the amazing staff of Umoja. We prayed together and also had a two-hour session where students from LIU and Umoja shared their experiences from university and high school respectively.

Umoja and LivingStone Praying together

Umoja and LivingStone Praying together

We believe that such interaction not only provides a reflection of university experiences but also helps to create great bonds between these students. We pledge to keep connecting to more schools, because we believe that young people can do more together.

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