Rotary Club of Mbale Annual Installation & Awards Dinner

The Rotary Club of Mbale had the Annual Installation & Awards Dinner on 18 May 2016, the event was held at Mount Elgon Hotel.  There were many Rotarians and guests from different parts of Uganda who attended and our team from LivingStone International University.

Before the superb buffet dinner, the program began with the President Rotarian Gidudu Emmanuel who thanked all Visiting Presidents, Rotarians, Rotaractors, and all friends of Rotary who attended. He continued to thank the members of the club who accepted to work together with him as the president and for being gifts to the world.

In life, sometimes the experiences that matter the most are the briefest. They pass in the blink of an eye: a few days, a few hours, and a few moments. They are the experiences that illuminate the landscape of our memory, shining brightly even years later. They are the moments in which we see, suddenly, something we had not seen; we understand something we had not understood; we forge a connection we had not expected, to me Rotary offered me that experience.

The rest of the event continued with the Guest of Honor, District Governor Elect Rtn. Ken Mugisha who led the Recognitions of Club Members and the awards hand out. This was followed by the Dinner and the later the Key Note Speaker Mr. Amos Wekesa.

The Rotary Club of Mbale is one of the oldest Rotary Clubs in Uganda;it was chartered on 28 May 1964.

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