Meet the Leadership Academy-Southern Sudan

At LivingStone International University we are always working very hard to transform Africa through quality, Christ-centered higher education. We connect every day to different organizations, personalities, and academia to foster dynamic, meaningful relationships. We aim at exploring and advancing strong relationships that help the entire community.

On 12 March 2016 we hosted our friends from Leadership Academy, which is part of Cornerstone Academy and The East African Ministries in Southern Sudan. Leadership Academy of South Sudan was developed through a partnership with and under the guidance of Cornerstone Development Africa. Cornerstone has decades of expertise working in East Africa, and its mission s “To raise up future leaders with a shared vision of positively transforming their communities and nations–as an outgrowth of their own personal transformation.”

We are forging strategic ways to support and develop talented students who can help transform Africa. Both LIU and Leadership Academy provide resourceful support, like scholarships and funding, to different students from all around East Africa.

We are investing in students; we see great potential, and we believe they have a lot to give; we are creating a life-transforming learning environment that molds young people and women into the future leaders of South Sudan–men and women whose lives fully reflect the character qualities and leadership principles embodied in the life of Jesus Christ. Says Lauren Zumbrun, Education Managerat Leadership Academy

Students of Leadership Academy and LivingStone International University had a chance to share experience together, and the interaction included a trip to Sipi Falls, giving a chance for our friends from Sudan to explore the geographical features near LivingStone International University.

Student reactions to their visit to LIU

I have always turned to God, and when anything that happens to me is achallenge, I have always worked hard because I knew I would make it. Every timeI pray, my prayers are always answered; I was sponsored by the Sudanese People’s Liberation Army from primary to senior four, and now I have gone through senior six with the Leadership Academy. I have reached Uganda and am at LIU and the amazing Sipi Falls through the Leadership Academy and LIU; I feel happy. Ukaa Ezekiel Abraham –Student from Leadership Academy

I’m happy to whatever happened today; I was imagining whether I could make it up to here at LivingStone, but we made it. I have really enjoyed every moment, and I’m so grateful. It is a good place to study from; Uganda is fine and secure. This makes me feel so much about my country Sudan, where we are affected by instability. I’m looking at taking part in transforming Sudan to be a better place to live; I know I cannot start from the top, but I can start from the ground up. Liong Annet –Class Coordinator at Leadership Academy

LivingStone and Uganda are so peaceful compared to Southern Sudan; I have been in the North of Uganda and the West Nile, and I’m now in the east and everything is fine—people are welcoming and social. It was also a great feeling at Sipi Falls. Going back to Sudan, I’m looking at taking part and leading the transformation of our communities as well. I want to become a lawyer and ensure that total justice prevails in Southern Sudan. Ochola Chris C. Oryem–Student from Leadership Academy

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