Livingstone International University Cultural Gala 2016

With students from seven different countries, Livingstone International University (LIU) has a reason to celebrate cultural diversity!  On March 5th, 2016 students had a chance to represent where they come from during LIU’s Cultural Gala.

The gala featured food, music, dance, art, drama and other cultural aspects of many of the various cultures represented at LIU!

What the University thinks about the event!

Dean of Students: Patrick Chebet: “Culture and humanity are one; you cannot separate human beings from their culture; and as much as we know that civilization is taking over and our culture is changing; there is still a lot identified with us. Culture is truly our identity and there is no way we can put away with it absolutely.”

“Through such platforms, we can remind ourselves of what has been going on for generations and what we have forgotten. I am sure today; many of us who did not experience some of the things in their cultures might have seen it today.”

“Quite a number of students grew up in urban areas and do not know what really goes on in their real origin and it is at such times that they can learn. We learn what goes on in the different parts of the country, what goes on in other parts of the continent. You have seen today, what happens in Rwanda, Congo and as LIU continues to grow, we will keep learning what happens in other communities.”

“I am so happy and glad for each cultural group that performed today, you have all done beyond what I was expecting because of the short time you had to prepare. However, in challenging those who did not participate, the next time we have such events and performances; please get involved because we love to learn what happens in your communities.”

Lecturer: Roger Fletcher: “I am joyful to be here today; as I teach psychology to about 100 students here, understanding their culture from such events will help me to understand where they come from and some of the different things that go on. Even though I have been here for a good time, I am still learning, and this helps us learn more about each other.”

“I want to challenge everybody, the culture here at LIU is a Christian culture, and we want Christianity to be part of your culture, that is what we are here for. To transform Africa through quality, Christ centered and higher education.”

“Embrace the good things in your cultures!”

Vice Chancellor: Dr. Rick Trull: “When I think about culture, I cannot help but to think about God who created everything. He created us in all our diversity, different looks, language and cultures.”

God likes a lot of differences, but He likes differences that are unified!  As we celebrate our culture, let us celebrate our unity that brings us together. Let’s make this an annual thing, and keep cerebrating together.”

What students think about the event?

Magera Pearl – BBA Student: “The event is the first of its kind at the university. It has been amazing, we could not have expected so much from it because it was the first time, but we got more than we expected from this.”

“It’s unfortunate that my tribe (Sebei) did not participate because we are few at school, something that has limited us from getting involved in the gala. I hope next year we will be represented.”

“This event is so important, it binds us together and it has been so fun. Culture is what makes us different from other communities. It defines us Africans and at the same time unites us.”

Jeffer Innocent – BBA Student: “This has been so good; we had a chance to learn about other cultures.”

“The event gave us a chance to get back to our roots. I performed the Acholi Lakaraka dance, something I had taken time without doing since I joined campus. I felt so good performing with my team. We have strong traditional believes that we value so much. Through this event, students learn to value their origins and to respect other cultures.”

Nakirijja Brenda – Media Student: “I have been involved in organizing the event; it was so nice to see students working so hard to represent where they come from.”

“Our major aim was to expose different traditions and encourage students to value their cultures despite the technological advancement and other influences. I feel good seeing the students put on their traditional outfits; the Iteso’s, Bamasaba’s, Basoga’s and other different cultures. This is what defines us! It has been so entertaining, interactive and a great learning platform.”

“I’m just excited about the next gala. I have hopes to continue promoting culture in the future, and craft is something I am looking at to venture into after school.”

What was the Final Outcome? In the end the overall winner was Northern Uganda! 

The Final Results: Overall Winners

  1. Northern Uganda 79%
  2. Bamasaba 75%
  3. Congo 72%
  4. Rwanda 68%
  5. Iteso 64%
  6. Basoga 61%


  1. Best Role Play: Northern Culture
  2. Best Flock Traditional Dance: Northern Culture
  3. Best Solo Vocal: Northern Culture
  4. Best Story Telling: Iteso
  5. Best Traditional Meal: Bamasaba
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