LIU Leverages the Power of E–Learning and M–Learning.

Over 25 Lecturers at Livingstone International University in Mbale District of Eastern Uganda have embarked on a six weeks e–learning and m–learning training of trainers’ fellowship, under the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program. Managed and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) in partnership with Quinnipiac University (QU), the Carnegie African Diaspora Fellowship Program is a scholar fellowship program for educational projects at African higher education institutions.

The training which is taking place under the theme, “Leveraging the Power of E–learning and M–learning for teaching, research and study by the Community at Livingstone International University – LIU, is being facilitated by Dr. Jasmine Renner, Professor from East Tennessee State University in the USA. The programme is focusing on evaluation of Kindle implementation, curriculum development and audit, improve the utilization of local and online digital resources as well as collaborate with LivingStone International University faculty in research projects and publications.

LIU is among the 60 African Universities in Uganda, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Tanzania that are conducting joint projects ranging from Computer Science and Mobile Technology, Eco – tourism, nursing education, material engineering with selected Carnegie African Diaspora Fellows. Dr. Renner said, “my aim is to ensure that the entire curriculum at LIU is E–learning and Mobile Learning ready”. She added that she is going to deliver to participating Lecturers the Best International Practices for E–learning and Mobile learning. She also said, “We are in the 21st Century and this training is going to broaden the students’ access and engagement to academic materials online”.

Having been the first University in Uganda and East Africa to start the use of a kindle as a teaching and study device for students and lecturers, Livingstone International University partnered with Carnegie on a Research Collaboration to Evaluate Kindle implementation. A Kindle is an electronic personal eBook reader that enables users to shop for, download, browse, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking .

Apollo Mukhwana

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