Student application form
  • Personal Information

    1. Candidates selected for any programme of study will be required to present originals of certificates at the time of registration. 2.Attach photocopies of your relevant certificates. 3.The names in which you will be registered will be those that appear on your Certificate/Diploma or equivalent documents offered as an entry qualification.
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  • Academic & Professional Qualifications

    Uganda Certificate of Education or its equivalent.
  • Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education or its equivalent.
  • Other Qualifications
  • If yes, Which course are you pursuing
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  • Declaration

    I declare that all the information given on this form is correct.
  • Endorsement by a Church Minister

    (For Bachelor of Christian Ministry recommendation and verification of suitability of the student for the programme is a must) I confirm that the information provided above by the applicant is correct.
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