LIU Sports Gala 2016

Academic learning and sports education are complementary pursuits. If education is integrated with sports, the student’s character can be increased. Through sports, students train in leadership, sharing, team spirit, and tolerance. Sports teach students to develop not only physical strengths, but also mental strengths such as the practices of collaboration, discipline, and determination.Therefore, sports combined with academics results in the spiritual, moral, and physical development of students.

As part of our culture here at LivingStone International University, by mentoring and engaging students in different activities,such as our recent Sports Gala, we create conducive learning platforms for students to learn both in class and outside class.

The LIU Sports Gala was held on Saturday the 9th of April, 2016. The tournament between all Schools at the University was held for table tennis, volleyball, football, netball, and Ludo (a local game). The ceremony kicked off on Friday evening with the indoor games like Chase, Draft, Ludo, and Table Tennis. The event continued through Saturday with outdoor games like Football, Volleyball, and Netball. Everyone was celebrating as different teams competed throughout this exciting weekend.

The two-day event was organized under the supervision of the Dean of students, Mr. Patrick, and the Student’s Sports Ministry. Both the girls and boys equally participated in all the games. The occasion was very much appreciated by the students and faculty members, and at the end of the games winners were awarded prizes.

The Final Results

CategoryWinning School
FootballSchool of Information Technology
VolleyballSchool of Media and Christian Ministry
NetballSchool of Business Administration
Table TennisSchool of Business Administration

Overall Results

3School of Media and Christian Ministry 36
2School of Information Technology51
1School of Business Administration78
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