About Library

The library was opened officially in 2006 as Messiah Theological Institute Library and has since grown and is now Livingstone International University Library. Recognizing the role played by libraries in building an intellectual capacity upon which knowledge can be shared among all the stake holders, the library has been set up as one of the key departments of the University with modern technologies.

The library has a print collection of about 10,000 textbooks organized in three sections vis-à-vis; Open Shelf, Reference, and Reserve Sections. The collection comprise of textbooks, journals, periodicals, research reports, field reports, bound volumes and other non-book materials. It also boasts of an excellent automated system and has provided online catalog supporting access to various open-access databases offering rich electronic resources for its users. The digitized institutional repository provides access to rich resources and works of the staff and students of the University such as research reports, field reports, conference and workshop reports, etc.

At LIU Library, we adopted the Dewey Decimal Classification System. With this system, our print collection is classified and coded using a hierarchical system where sub-groups fall within the same array of classes.

Since its inception, LIU library has been and will continue to be a center for research, training, teaching and learning – through provision and maintenance of a conducive environment for our users. The users shall continue to access relevant and up-to-date information materials in both print and electronic formats in the most efficient and timely manner. One does not necessarily need to be within the library premises to access such information.

The Library offers basic services and facilities such as user registration, circulation, reference service, book reservation, current awareness services, access to resources beyond the library premises, log-in facility, user education programmes, reading facilities, OPAC searching,  ICTs, daily newspapers, previous years’ examination question papers, etc. The ICT facilities are planned to grow and cater for the growing and changing needs of the users in this information age with its dynamic opportunities and challenges.

The Library is open for the users from 8:15 AM to 9:45 PM (Monday – Friday) and 9:15 AM to 5:45 PM (Saturday).