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They lived among us, but it just dawned on me that we may never see many of them again—students of Messiah Theological Institute (MTI).
The long awaited graduation finally came to pass and we could not fail to notice the smiles on the faces of the graduates. At exactly 11:00pm on 16th November, 2013 MTI students marched from the main campus (LIU), led by the choir, to the auditorium, were everyone had been waiting to see them receive their certificates.
They were welcomed by the master of ceremony, Pastor Iyakiya David. The first speech came from Mr. Manyok Zechariah who spoke about the importance of Education, both formal and informal, and their importance in spiritual matters. He amazed me when he gave a brief back ground basing on the New Testament were he said that though Jesus never got formal education, he nevertheless used reasoning in quoting the Old Testament scriptures, which is formal.

The principal of MTI, Mr. Denis Okoth came next with his speech. He emphasized that the institute does not at any one time make leaders. It simply equips them with skills to be so, mentioning that students of MTI are already practicing leaders in their churches and these skills given them are to make them more efficient in delivering their services to God’s people.

Principal Okoth warned them against pride and the desire for higher positions in the church, he told them that they are not Bishops and they should not even think about becoming Bishops when they go back to their home churches.
Principal Okoth concluded by congratulating the students upon their success, wishing them well. Adding a point of humor, he mentioned feeling sorry for the chickens that had lost their “networks” on that day.

Messiah Theological Institute (MTI) Graduates

Messiah Theological Institute (MTI) Graduates

The master of ceremony invited Mr. J.P Robinson to hand over the gifts to the best and second best students. The elected students all looked like they belonged to these two categories. After the ceremony of gifts ended, the best student gave a speech which inspired me to work hard because good things come to those who work hard to earn them.
Food was served and every one had a good share of it. After the function, the graduates bid fair well to us.
We remember the good times we’ve shared with them. We had gotten so used to having them around. The examples they set were positive. Though they are gone physically, in our hearts we are still together.

Wangwe Israel BSCM I

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  1. byangu benedicto
    byangu benedicto says:

    Denis Okoth is a very inspiration, especially in mentoring MTI students. i pray that God empower him with wisedom to contiune God’s work to fulfil his calling. God bless him.


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